7 Tips on How to Take Care of Flashdisk Properly

On this occasion I will give a little tips related to storage device or media to store on a laptop or computer IE flash, at the moment now, the role and usability of Flash is very important and can not It is denied that it is related to its function as file storage media, data and others, whether it be images, documents, movies, or music. All data with a size that does not exceed the memory capacity on the flash can be moved to the flash easily, with a mini size, Flash is also increasingly favored by users, Flash is also a storage media that is very Non-Volatile, meaning the data that has been stored in the flash will not "evaporated" or disappear even without the power flow, the flash producers also more and offer a variety of advanced features in Flash, with a competitive price anyway, but a certain kind of a flash, if the use does not match the correct conditions will certainly cause the flash is easily damaged, important data that we have stored can be lost and So, then how do Tips to treat the Flash disk properly...?

Here I will give you a little Tips on how to treat the Flash disk correctly, because with proper care and precisely, hopefully Flash disk we can have a longer lifespan and can continue to use.

7 Tips on How to Take Care of Flashdisk Properly

1. Do not unplug the flash when it is in use

It does look trivial, but when you remove the flash without doing the eject procedure properly it can ruin your own flash, here I will not explain why it can happen, because I've never tried it, Flash with 4GB Quality I now can not use, because it often disallows from the laptop without doing eject first, because while the flash is being read by the computer then we do not give instructions on the computer to Stop the process of reading and we do the lifting by force, automatic it will cause a crash in the flash system with the computer, which long time cause the error on your flash disk, so start now eject the Flash You correctly

2. Don't over format your flash

Do not overdo the format on your flash, if not in the case of emergency do not do the formating on the flash, because it could cause a decrease in the flash write ability

3. Keep your Flash disk in place dry

Keep the flash drive in a dry, humid place, and avoid water so that the components in the drive are not shorting, dirty or rusty

4. Always Update antivirus on your Laptop or computer

Because in addition to outside factors that can damage the flash, one of the other factors that can also cause flash error is virus, so always your antivirus update.

5. Backing Up the data in the Flash

One of the worst attempts to prevent the loss of data in our flash is to make backups, so at any time if our data is lost, we still have a backup.

6. Do not banging your drive with hard objects

Do not banging your flash, beat or drop your flash disk, because it can cause damage to the component inside Flash disk, for prevent it happening, try to put the flash on a place that is not too High and easy to reach

7. Prevent your Flash disk from excessive heat

Prevent the flash from high heat temperature, as it can cause the components in the flash to melt and break.

It may be quite a few Tips on how to properly treat Flash disk that I can convey, hopefully useful.

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