How to overcome Android Lemot — Buddy may be fascinated by the performance speed of Android pal when I first bought it. But as time HP Android performance time that a friend wear suddenly began to slow down or can be said Lemot. Buddy is sure to think there may be something wrong with HP Android Buddy. What a buddy think will be answered here. Now the question is, is there an easy way to solve the Lemot Android?

Quiet..... Do not hawatir.

I will give you some best tips to help speed up your Android buddy's performance again.

Some ways to overcome the Lemot android below I can from the Android tweak community in Google Plus and already proven to accelerate my Android performance.
Buddy will probably find things that are 180 degrees differently with how to cope with Android that Lemot in other websites that may have never been buddy read.

Always update the Android app to the latest version. This is one way of overcoming Android Lemot that I have ever read and I directly apply it on my Android.

Friend know what results?

Apparently a lot of people were disappointed after the application update to the latest version. For the solution, if Buddy wants to update an application choose the app that really buddy need to be updated to the latest version. Remember...! Not a buddy app you want but a really buddy app needs. That's the reason why app updates to the latest version will make our Android performance even more Lemot.

Now we are heading to the subject:

Almost every Android phone on the market has a weakness at some point.
That's a very natural thing.
Because it is possible to create a perfect Android HP it takes time and cost is not a little.
Buddy may feel that currently opening an application takes a longer time than it used to be.
Lag that causes application response speed to begin to decrease.
To overcome this, Sobat can try these 6 ways.

How to solve Android Lemot

1. Identify the problem

The first thing to do to accelerate the performance of Android Buddy back is to find out the cause of the Lemotnya android Buddy, Is an application, some applications, or the Android system buddy itself cause. Buddy should be thorough when doing the identification so that the Android Buddy's performance can come back as originally.

After the Buddy knows the problem that makes Lemot Android buddy, proceed to the next solution below.

2. Too full Memory

How to solve the second Android Lemot is to prevent the full internal memory in Android Buddy. This is the problem I've described above on the Android app update to the latest version. Too many applications will also meet the storage space of Android buddy. Whereas a smartphone needs breathing room to be able to run a process quickly.

If the memory is too full, then the performance of Android Buddy will start to Lemot. It's the first thing to be avoided by all owners of HP Android. Check how much space is left in the storage settings. One of the easiest ways to free up storage space is to remove apps that you don't need. Don't store too many apps because it will negatively affect your Android buddy's performance.

Many applications that have been installed use data caching in an attempt to accelerate the operation of Android Buddy. It is very effective but only to a certain extent. If the data cache is too full then it is not accelerating the option but instead it will make Lemot Android buddy.

To solve the Lemot Android because the data cache is too full, the buddy only needs to clear the cache of the data only. To remove it, Buddy can go into settings and then select Storage after that select Clear data cache. Now the Buddy can see the remaining storage space.

More than ever right...?

Buddy can also disable Android default apps when not in use. If Android Buddy already has Root access it will easily get rid of the unused Android default apps. If not, then Buddy can learn how to root Android without PC with just one click

3. Reduce the Widget

Widgets that have a buddy on the home screen may be very useful for a buddy.But need Buddy know that the widget can also slow the performance of Android Buddy. Because when the data is active, all widgets that have a friend install will run together. For example, Buddy installs a weather widget and a Facebook widget on the home screen. When the data is active then the weather widget will update to the current weather conditions. While the Facebook widget will update the current Facebook status as well. Because it runs simultaneously then automatic RAM that is used will be bigger. Moreover, the Android version is older like Ginggerbread and Jellybean which only has the capacity of RAM that fit-pasan, surely it will grow lemot. Try to imagine, if Android Buddy is a human being who performs many tasks at the same time.

Will the task be done quickly?

Of course not! Especially older, it certainly takes a lot of time to do the task. Even younger humans will have difficulty if you have to do many tasks at a time. Well that's the reason why widgets can affect your Android's buddy performance to be very slow. How to solve this third Android Lemot is very easy to do. If the buddy has a lot of widgets on the home screen that does not really buddy need then it is better to delete it. It does not hurt to have many widgets, but it will make the Android performance Buddy become increasingly lemot.

4. Close the app and free up RAM

Opening the application simultaneously without closing the previous application will adversely affect the speed of Android buddy. Multi-tasking does make it easier for us to switch from one application to another but it will make the Android Buddy's performance more Lemot. So better close the app that your buddy opens before. Then run the other application. To free up more RAM you can use Clean Master app that is in Playstore. Only one tab then the RAM will be easily improved. Or buddy can find the settings for the default RAM booster Android. If the friend has Android Asus Zenfone, then Buddy will easily find the RAM booster in the status bar.

5. Screen animations and transitions

What Launcher do you wear?

Android Default or custom launcher from Playstore?

Various screen animations and transition effects on a launcher may look beautiful and stunning. But the screen animations and effects on the launcher can also affect the performance of Android Buddy. So how to overcome the Android Lemot because of the screen animations and transition effects, the buddy should be to do is to deactivate the screen animation and effects on the launcher to use.

To disable animations and the overall transition effect on Android, Buddy can do this way.

  • Go to Settings, scroll down, select About phone.
  • Find the information software and select the build number or the built number and press seven times until the friend see Developer Options has been activated.
  • Go back to Settings and select developer Options
  • Scroll down and look for the window animation scale, Set to ' Off '.
  • Press the animator's duration scale and set it to ' Off ' as well

Why scale the window animation and the scale of the animator's duration should be set to OFF?

Want to know his secrets?

Here is the explanation of the two settings.

What is window animation scale?

The Scale animation window is the length of time it takes to bring up the window  "popup " on Android.

If set to ' 10x ' for example, it will take a long time to bring up the popup window.

To see it for yourself, Buddy can set the animation window scale to ' 10x '.

Try returning to the settings and then returning again to the developer options. Buddy will see a popup window running very slowly.

Now, go back and set the animation window scale to ' Off ' and try again.

Much faster, right?

What is an animation transition scale?

The animation transition scale is essentially the same thing, but for the transition of a screen.

Such as switching between one application to another, or when launching an application from the home screen.

This one is very easy to understand. Set it to ' 10x ' and press the home button.

It took a long time, huh?

Now, set it to ' Off ' and enjoy a very fast Android transition.

What is the Animator's duration scale?

This is the third option in the list of animations that maybe not many people understand its function.

Changing the scale settings of the animator's duration looks doesn't make any difference in terms of speed.

So what is the animation duration scale?

Quiet Buddy, I will explain everything.

Basically scaling the duration of the animation only to control the speed of ' loading ' animations.

If the Buddy wants to try it, set it to ' 10x ' and open the YouTube app (or another app that takes more than a second for loading).

Buddy can see a circular animation while loading YouTube looks slowed.

If Buddy set it to ' Off ' and launches YouTube again (make sure the recent YouTube app is removed in order not to be cached) it will appear that there is no load at all on the animation of that circle.

Is it obvious?

It's definitely a dong....

So the animation settings above aim to set the transition animation and also the popup window to be noticeably faster.

6. Restart Android

Want a quick and simple fix for a lemot android?

Try to solve this easy Android Lemot.

Just by restarting, the Android buddy will clean up the cache stored by itself. And it will also stop running tasks. That way the Android Buddy will get its speed back. Do this after 5 steps above.Simply hold the power button, select the Restart option, and then press OK to confirm.

That's 6 ways to overcome Android Lemot easily.

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