Understanding Computer Software and its Functions

Computer Software and its Functions  - computers are electronic systems for manipulating fast, precise and accurate data that has been designed and organized to automatically receive or store input and input data, Then process it and produce output under the supervision of a steps, program instructions stored in memory (stored program). In a computer there are two supporting components namely computer hardware or computer network hardware and computer software software.

The meaning of soft devices (Software computer) is a program code that has been arranged in a systematic way to achieve a purpose. On any computer system there must be software because without the software interaction between brain ware with hardware is not possible. The functionality of the software is as a means of interaction between users and hardware. The software can also be said to be a ' translator ' or the commands that are in the user's run computer to be forwarded to or in process by the hardware. I myself also actually do not understand what is hardware and software, the materials of this article is not purely the results of my own work and most are the ingredients I quote from the blogger friends.

Along with the current developments and technology has been circulating thousands of software both licensed (shareware) and free (freeware) and the main functions of the software consists of 3 kinds, including:

A wide range of computer software and its functions

A.) word processing software

Word processor software is a computer application used for the production of all kinds of printable materials. Examples of word processing software are Microsoft Word and OpenOffice Writer.

b) Number processing software

The sense of the device number processing application is a program that serves to process the data in the form of numbers. Sample data table creation, data processing by involving the use of formulas, graphs, databases, and Other In this case, the numbers often appear in business, scientific, planning, statistical creation, worksheet creation, numeric management for the calculation of a data (database) and graphs.

C.) Presentation software

The sense of presentation processing software is an application that is usually used to create presentation files. Because of its function as a tool to raise ideas or ideas, the presentation program should have an interesting look. The presentation Program can include objects such as images, video and sound. Presentation is an activity to convey or explain ideas and information about anything to others. For that, a good presentation should be really well prepared. To accomplish this it will need software and hardware that is able to support the intent.

Thus the article about A wide range of computer software and its functions may be beneficial for all of us.

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