The Sense And The Modern Communication Media Equipment 2019

Modern Communication Media is a media tool we use today, now it is a lot about modern communication media as tools to communicate for example I am going to discuss about what equipment you have in media communication This modern.

Then what are the media of modern communications equipment?

a. Telephone

The phone is a communication tool that is used to Exchange sounds so someone can interact with sound in directly. basically the phone is operating by using the electrical signal transmission in telephone network so as to allow phone users to communicate with other users.

The phone is very much in use at this time, both businessmen, teenagers, parents, or older children now there have been many who use the telephone, let alone these days already have sprung up based smartphone operating system android and ios very helpful at all, but there are also negative effects of course.

b. Pager (Pager)

Pager pager to as the private telecommunication tools, namely to deliver and receive short messages. A one-way numeric pager can only receive a message consisting of several digits, typical of a phone number that the user used to call. Pager alpha numerik is also available with a two-way system can send a message via electronic mail or SMS (short massage service).

There are three types in the calling radio system (pager):

  • Numeric pager is the least complicated type. In it are only available sequence numbers and codes to call.
  • Pager Alpha numerik, essentially the same as the numeric pager, but excess is set on providing a place to load text and electronic mail (e-mail) to send the message
  • Alpha numerik two-way pager can send text messages using only the small button.

C. Newspapers (Newspapers)

Newspaper or a newspaper is a publication that is lightweight and easily discarded, usually printed on low-cost paper called newsprint, which contain the latest news in a variety of topics. The topic could be political events, crime, sports, editorial, weather. Newspapers also commonly contain comic, TTS and other entertainment.

The newspaper Also is very cheap for the purchase cost of the problem, at this time the newspaper might've rarely sought after, but there are still many people who are either newspaper to see story or else advertise. There are lots of Newspaper Publishers in Indonesia, such as the people's Mind, compass, Seconds, Tribune Jabar, independence, and much more.

d. Telegraph

The Telegraph is a machine/tool to send and receive messages remotely. The Telegraph said the often heard nowadays, in General is the electric telegraph. The Telegraph found by a citizen of the United States named Samuel F.B. Morse along with his assistant Alexander Bain.

Morse code is a method in the transmission of information, by using the standard data delivery tone or sound, light with differentiated beats dash and dot of sentences, words, letters, numbers and punctuation. Morse code can be sent through the whistle, flag, light, and tapping morse.

e. Television

Television is a pictorial or Video broadcast catcher who completely called animation. The word comes from the television and television; that means each distant (tele) and look (vision). So television mean look or can be viewed from a distance. The invention of television aligned with the invention of the wheel, because the invention is capable of changing the world civilization. In Indonesia ' television ' informally referred to by the TV, the television hanging, television or tv.

In the present era of television are still widely in use and each year is increasing, but for is not a possibility in the future of television users decreased in because today there are internet media can watch television online.

f. Internet

Literally, the internet (short for interconnected networking) is a set of computers connected in a few series. While the Internet (the letter ' I ') is a common computer system, which is apropos globally and using TCP/IP as the Protocol Exchange packages (packet-switching communication protocol). The largest internet series called the Internet. How to connect the circuit with this method is called internet working.

For today the do you know? familiar with the name of the internet? Start small children ari is now playing with the internet, of course, a great many advantages of using the internet, but behind the excellence and excess there is definitely also its shortcomings.

g. Facsimile (Fax)

Facsimiles or commonly known with the fax, derived from the word ' fac simile ' (make similar) in latin, which means making a copy of the same original. In other areas, fax machines can also be called a telecopier. A fax machine is a communications equipment used to transmit documents by using a device that is able to operate through the telephone network with results that are similar to the original.

Fax yourself a lot in use in large companies often send document is important for purposes of their work, not just in large companies only. Facsimile is also widely used in colleges, universities, schools, and Government, because this tool is absolutely useful once.

In addition to sending documents, fax machines are also capable of delivering a photo image with half tone. Fax machine typically consists of a modem, photocopier, scanner, image tools and tool data printer (printer).

h. Radio

Radio is the technology used for the delivery of signals by way of modulation and electromagnetic radiation (electromagnetic waves). This wave travels and propagate through the air and can also propagate through vacuum space, because this wave does not require the carrier medium (like air molecules).

Radio waves are a form of electromagnetic radiation, and are formed when electrically charged object is modulated (elevated frequency) on the frequency found in the frequency of the radio waves (RF) in an electromagnetic spectrum, and radiation electro magnetik move by means of electric oscillations or magnetic.

i. Radio Communication 

Walkie talkie is a handheld communication device able to communicate two or more persons using radio waves. Most of the walkie talkie is used to perform both functions i.e. speaking or hearing. Known as Walkie Talkie Two Way Radio or two-way radio, which can perform a two-way conversation, talk and hear opponents talk in turn. Walkie talkie can be used within 0.5 Km up to 2.5 Km without the use of toll fees such as call. Walkie talkie transceiver, which is because it has a two way radios, these tools have a radio transmitter and receiver radio communication signals.

j. satellite phone

Satellite phone is a telecommunications service phones without wires that put the base transceiver station (BTS) him in the air so it has longer reach than the GSM-based phone that puts his BTS on land. Because it has a wide range, a satellite phone can be used in the Inland mountains, until derah in the middle of the ocean. In contrast to the limited scope of a GSM phone. Satellite phone is not using the existing infrastructure on the Earth to make a call.

Satellite phone is divided into several types, two of which are:

Handheld Satellite Phone

This phone can be used like a regular mobile phone which has a broader range of areas but must remain outside of the room. Used by adventurers, emergency relief, and disaster

Satellite Phone Settled

This phone is similar to a home phone and can be used indoors because of the antenna have been installed outdoors seen from the sky.

So articles about understanding and communication media equipment already read the reviews above may be useful for all of us.

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